In your Imperial Assault campaign, you have an Agenda deck of 6 Agenda sets of your choice. Over the course of the campaign, you gain a resource called Influence, which you can spend to purchase Agenda cards. During the Imperial Upgrade Stage, you draw 4 Agenda cards from your Agenda deck, and you may decide to purchase any of those Agenda cards. In the Core Set you get exactly 6 Agenda sets, and one more from the Darth Vader Villian Pack also included in the Core Set. Each Agenda set consists of 3 Agenda cards, normally one mission and 2 other Agenda cards that give you some advantages during the game. Imperial Discipline and Imperial Security Bureau are the only Agenda sets that have no missions, but instead 3 Agenda cards that gives advantages during, after, or before a mission.

Expansions Edit

Core SetEdit

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Twin ShadowsEdit

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Return to HothEdit

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