Ancient Knowledge Edit

You seek a rare and powerful holocron, a crystal which holds the  knowledge of a long dead Sith scholar. You have tracked it to the lair of a group of scavengers, but it seems they underestimated the dark power of their prize; you find their labyrinthine base mysteriously abandoned, and the crystal cast aside.

You must upload the contents of the holocron to your ship's data core, but keep your nerve, and be wary of its subtle influence.

Card Text Edit

A small figure can spend 1 movement point while on a tunnel to place his figure on an empty space containing a tunnel of the same color.

A figure can retrieve the holocron.  A figure carrying the holocron can interact with the blue terminal.  If he does, discard the holocron, and his player gains 15 VPs.

End of each Round:  The figure carrying the holocron suffers 2 [strain].

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