Technological Superiority is an Imperial Class set available to the Imperial player when first setting up a new campaign. It is contained in the Core Set.

Cards contained in Set Edit

Notes and Strategy Edit

  • The class deck cover photo appears to members of an Imperial Gunnery Team (as seen most famously during the firing of the Death Star in the original Star Wars movies).
  • Technological Superiority focuses on augmenting the Imperial army units to make them more survivable and adaptable.
  • The majority of the class cards (4) are attachments.
  • Many cards boost the stats of specific unit types through adding keywords, granting new surge effects, adding defense dice, etc.
  • Players who employ elite units, villains, troops, and droid units will often find an advantage with this deck. Many cards make the Imperial units harder to kill, harder hitting, or more mobile. even lowly stormtroopers find signficant boost
  • Imperial players should note that most of the class cards require the Trooper or Droid keywords. This means that many Mercenary figures included in the Core Set will not benefit much from this deck though a few cards are not as specific.
  • Probe droids gain a particular benefit from this deck as several cards directly give them new abilities and turn them into useful support units in addition to their already high surge effect potentials. The ability to heal, clear status effects, or focus friendly figures can be very useful.

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