White Noise Edit

Mission Briefing Edit

You return to Haven, responding to the proximity alarms signaling incoming Imperials. The settlement leader, Benex, performs quite well, establishing a defensive perimeter before even you arrived. “I need you to guard the control center for our automated defenses,” he shouts into comlink between the sounds of detonations and blaster fire.
No sooner do you arrive than the Imperials assault the control center in massive numbers, blasting the fortified structure at every angle and attempting to breach the walls '

  • Doors are locked. An Imperial figure can attack a door (Health: 8, Defense: 1 black die).
  • A door adjacent to a Rebel figure does not block his movement, line of sight, adjacency, or counting spaces.
  • Neutral mission tokens represent access points. If a space contains 3 or more neutral mission tokens, that space is an active deployment point.
  • At the start of each Status Phase, the Imperial player may place 1 neutral mission token on a space containing a neutral mission token.
  • Imperial Officers gain: Discard an adjacent terminal using both actions.
  • The mission ends at the end of Round 8 or when all terminals are discarded.

Initial Groups: Imperial Officer, Imperial Officer, Elite Snow Troopers, Elite Imperial Officer, Probe Droid

Reserved Groups: 2 (1 Imperial, 1 Mercenaries)

Open Groups: 3 (3 Imperials)